Showcase your skills

IM Savvy is a magazine and online Blog, it’s purpose is to help people showcase their skills in IT – Design and gain valuable work experience whilst working in a real workplace environment.

The programme is run by IF Digital Club, a not for profit social enterprise organisation and Investing in the Future, our main focus is supporting our community program not making a profit for shareholders.

We share a community social responsibility along with the businesses who support our aim and manage a work placement program in association with the Job Centre Plus Team, College and University.

IM Savvy offer a service to businesses, and in return businesses make a financial donation, which in turn funds the development program

How it Works

We have a special team that not only create a great product they help share the skills they have developed with people less fortunate. These people come from all backgrounds with varied skills including a mix of college and university students wanting to gain work experience, people that have a gained a qualification but need to show their skills, and people that are seeking work and want to gain valuable work experience related to the digital world we live in.

By working in a real-time work environment, our aim is to help and support individuals as they grow their work based skills, build confidence with an outcome of gaining work and independence.

What do the Team do

We Design and publish two magazines, IM SAVVY LIFESTYLE and IM SAVVY HOMESTYLE. The team create and publish content such as features and advertising about local businesses, businessmen and women for a print and digital magazine, website, blog and social media feed.

The magazine is published bi-monthly and is available online and distributed to all businesses who are part of the programme, they are also distributed in locations of high footfall in and around the city centre. The website is updated daily with feature rich content by the team and our social media feed consistently promotes businesses that support us.

About the Placements

There are two types of placements who attend the programme, those that come from the local job centre or who have found out about the programme online, and those that are from the education system from the local College and University.

People that attend from the local jobcentre do so voluntarily, they are not forced to attend as we are NOT a government-funded programme, they participate because they want to develop and find work and not be unemployed. The placements stay with us for up to 8 weeks. In this time we see a real difference, in self-esteem and confidence to move forward in life. We always keep the door open to further develop their skills or help with support and advice.

Students who attend also volunteer, they do so as part of their work experience requirements whilst at college or university, their work can be used as evidence in their portfolio of work to support their qualification at the end of the year.

What do the placements do?

Each person has a different skill set, most people that attend have little or no work experience whatsoever, so depending on their capabilities they carry out a variety of tasks, such as admin and customer service, they research businesses online for blogging and social media, communicate with business owners, and support the Design and Marketing team. All of the work they carry out contributes to either the creation of the magazine or content for the website and Social Media feed.

Students who are studying a relevant course such as Design, IT and Media, Journalism etc create designs and artwork for the magazine, write articles for both IM Savvy and clients and help create and manage content for the IM Savvy website.

All of the work they carry out contributes to either the creation of the magazine or content for the website and Social Media feed in some form.

Benefits to Businesses

It’s quite simple.

IM SAVVY promotes your business via a Print and Digital Magazine, a website blog and social media feed.

We do our best to support local business via our services, and In return, businesses get a very cost-effective approach to showcasing their brand that’s within their budget.

Businesses will also gain a sense of social responsibility knowing that just a small part of their budget is helping the community, which in not only value for money but great PR.

As we are NOT FOR PROFIT, we try to be as cost effective as possible and remain focused on the programme values and not profit.

Be part of the programme.

It’s really important to us to have as many businesses involved to make a success of the programme and move into other areas.

We would love you to support IM SAVVY and join some of the great companies who understand our aim.

If you can help in any way at all, from advertising with us to considering a work placement that has been through our programme we would love to hear from you, all contributions help tremendously.

We can pop out and see you for a brief chat and answer any of your questions, this takes around 30 minute’s, and please remember there is no obligation at all, all we ask is that you consider how you can help