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The July August IM Savvy Magazine is now here and Interactive!

The Team have really worked hard on this magazine to make it “More than a Magazine” As you already know if you are a business that supports us that people from the work placements programme get involved in the creation and publication by researching all that feature either via social media or online. We have now taken this to the next level and introduced a lot more interactivity to I’m Savvy, via an online blog, this enables the team to take an advert or feature in the Magazine and expand online presence by searching for relevant video and information giving business owners more brand awareness.

This benefits not just the businesses who feature but gives great experience for those that attend the training and work experience programme!

Check it out


July August IM Savvy Issue


We are on the move!

To help more people attend the IF Digital Club we have decided to move our location to the city centre, this will indeed help people who attend our work placement programme and have trouble travelling outside the City centre of Derby.

We will be re locating to Friar Gate area soon, so thanks to all the businesses that continue to support our fund our programme.

May June I’m Savvy Magazine is very special!

The May and June I’m savvy magazine is a very special Magazine to the Team at IF Digital Club, it has been created by a young man Patrick Hartle who has been with us for just 4 weeks and is attending our work placement programme with the Job Centre plus.

Patrick has shown how much potential there are in people that are seeking opportunities to find work in their chosen vocation but can’t seem to get a break. Patrick travels from Ripley to our office on Ascot Drive daily to help with the creation and production which shows dedication and inspiration to someone that wants to work.

Well done Patrick for the great work! and again a big thank you to all the businesses that continue to support the programme and give people like Patrick opportunities

May June I’m Savvy Magazine

Im Savvy issue 2 is now out there!

We are proud to say that the 2nd issue of I’m Savvy is now out there for all to see. You can find the Magazine around the City centre locations including Bars, Restaurants, Cafes and in Beauty Salons and Receptions.

Thanks again to all involved and the many businesses that continue to show your support and to our sponsor Embers Heating Studio!

Check it out!

I’m Savvy Issue 2

IF Digital Club welcomes a talented new team member

Faiser Ali a graduate from the University of Derby who has been part of the work placement programme with the Job centre plus is joining the team. Faiser will be supporting the programme and helping others benefit from his knowledge in Marketing. Faiser will be involved in growing the brand awareness of IF Digital Club and I’m Savvy whilst supporting work placements that attend the offices on a daily basis.

IM Savvy release their first issue!

The team at IF Digital Club have just released their first I’m Savvy Derby Magazine.

A special thank you to all the team including the work placement involved in the creation and production, and most of all to the businesses that have taken the time to help support the programme and feature in the first of hopefully many issues to come!

Check it out here.

Issue 1 I’m Savvy Magazine

IF Digital Club launch new IM Savvy Magazine to Fund our programme

IF Digital Club is about to launch their first magazine in Derby. The magazine IM Savvy is a lifestyle magazine which showcases independent businesses around Derbyshire.

The magazine will be the fundamental part of our programme and will primarily fund the IF Digital Club. The magazine will enable work placements to be involved in a real work place environment and gain real skills in their bid to find employment.


Working with the Job Centre Plus

IF Media Solutions are helping create new opportunities for those seeking work. We are offering work placements to individuals that need to build their skills and confidence after time away from the workplace.

The IF Team launch I’m Savvy

The team at IF have been developing a new website I’m Savvy that helps local businesses promote their services to the general public.

I’m Savvy has been created by our own developers and will be managed by our team of trainees and apprentices as a development tool for Social Media and Customer Service training.

I’m Savvy will give great exposure for local business whilst creating an opportunity for those young people needing valuable work experience.

Visit I’m Savvy


Great Customer feedback

Great Customer feedback from Daniel – owner of Inked for Eternity in Derby.

It’s hard when your not computer litterate to understand all the formats n programs of making a website, and with iF Digital.Club not only have they got a warm friendly welcome they do all the hard part for you. I’m very happy at inked for eternity with the services and help provided by IF Digital.Club and will remain to stay with them for as long as I can.

Daniel lucas
Inked for eternity

Social Media Training in Derby

Social Media Training in Derby is available soon at IF Digital Club.

If you live in Derby, and want to develop your digital skills, and would benefit from social media training and support.

IF Digital Club will be offering anyone the chance to pop in and get some great advice about the social media training that will help you develop your digital skills.

You can have one to one support in a friendly atmosphere, no fancy  or intimidating presentations, just  a friendly environment where you can sit and learn new skills.

Why not give the team a call today, we are happy to help with anything that supports small businesses and those seeking work.

Find out more by filling out the contact form and one of the team will get in touch!



Cuttinge Edge Barbers becomes the latest sponsor

Thanks to all the guys at Cutting Edge barbers on Ashbourne Road in Derby, IF Digital Club have just created the guys a responsive mobile website.. Also a big thankyou to Hassan for the recommendation to another local business.

Cutt Edge logo

Great Feed back! Titanium Body Piercings Tamworth

Thanks Jeni, its always great to help. and thanks for the wonderful feedback!


Jeni Saville to IF Digital Club

I cannot recommend IF Digital enough. I have no idea about any if this kind of thing and I needed a website for my business. I was told of IF Digital and thought I’d give them a try, and I’ve never looked back. The support I’ve had has been above and beyond. My website looks amazing and I couldn’t be happier. If your considering on still looking elsewhere I suggest you don’t because IF Digital are THE only place you will ever need for your website smile emoticon you guys are amazing and thank you for everything smile emoticon

Titanium Body Piercings Tamworth




Digital training for everyone in Derby

After the success of businesses using the IF Digital Club since its launch late last year, the team have been busy since Christmas creating a programme for Digital training for everyone in Derby.

You will soon be able to take advantage of a new style Club that helps everyone from the age of 14+


Ilkeston Job Centre Plus

We are proud to announce that the job centre in Ilkeston will be taking advantage of the IF Digital Club services,

Job seekers in and around Ilkeston can develop their on-line skills FREE at the IF Digital club.

Derby Job Centre Plus

Derby Job Centre Plus is the first to take advantage of our service at Investing in the Future, Job-seekers can visit the IF Digital Club to develop and gain new digital skills, from creating a digital CV, building websites, learning how to use social media for business use and much more.

If you are seeking work or wanting to develop your skills FREE, then please contact us

FREE Digital training in Derby with IF Digital Club

FREE Digital training in Derby





The IF Digital Club will be open on Wednesday 4th November 2015. its completely FREE to use and the training sessions can be developed around your skills and knowledge.

If you would like any more information about the FREE Digital training in Derby, please click the image below.

The IF Digital Club is opening soon

The IF Digital Club is opening soon..





For local businesses

The IF Digital Club will be open to local businesses to up skill their staff. We will be running several short courses to help businesses build their digital brand, if you would like any help, please contact us and one of the team will pop over to see you.

For people seeking employment

The IF Digital Club have developed several courses ideal for those who are looking to gain employment, these skills are absolutely crucial in today’s digital world.

  • Creating Smartphone friendly websites
  • Understanding Social media use for business
  • Search Engine Optimisation

They are designed to compliment any role that you apply for, helping you gain the confidence to apply them in your new role.



Training Centre Approval for Investing in the Future

Training Centre Approval with Highfield


Fantastic news…Investing in the Future is now an approved training centre with Highfield Awarding Body of compliance. a BIG THANK YOU! to all the team for all the hard work over the past few months.



Thorpes of Ilkeston

Thanks to Thorpes of Ilkeston for asking the IF team to create their new website.

Thorpes of Ilkeston are a family run furniture store specialising in the supply of high quality furniture. Based in Ilkeston, Thorpes of Ilkeston are ideally located to serve the Nottingham, Derby and Leicester areas as providers of well made furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds, recliners and wardrobes to name a few.

Established in 1890, Thorpes of Ilkeston have a wealth of knowledge in the furniture industry, specialising in everything from sofas, chairs and beds to cabinets and bedroom furniture. As an independent furniture store we pride ourselves on giving you the highest standards of service.

Please click the link to view their website


Real Hair and Beauty in Sinfin Derby

Sarah the owner at Real Hair and Beauty in Sinfin required a smartphone friendly website that she could manage herself with out it breaking the bank!

If Digital were happy to provide just the trick with a IF Digital Smartsite.

Sarah has been hairdressing for 17 years and is very passionate about her job and loves all aspects of hairdressing from cutting and  colouring to wedding hair.

Why not visit Sarah and the team at..

Real Hair Team

All About the Patina Codnor

If Digital are pleased to provide All about the Patina in Codnor with their new Smartsite.


A Family Ran business built on the love for the old days where things were better built and full of character.

What a fantastic place to visit..


Creative Occasions Ilkeston are now Smartphone Friendly

Experienced cake making by Creative Occasions:

Creative Occasions bake exquisite cake designs for weddings and special occasions and required a website that showed off their creative skills.. why not visit their Smartsite to find out more…

Make your event that much more memorable with a cake from Creative Occasions. We have a passion for making unique cakes and with years of experience all our cakes are light, rich and full flavoured.


Bryn Farr hairdressing and Beauty in Breaston

Bryn Farr Hair and beauty salon in Breaston required a smart-site quick, they needed something that is simple to show off their range of cutting edge techniques and treatments.

Bryn Farr Hairdressing & Beauty have 18 years experience, they can offer a complete range of beauty services to leave you feeling truly pampered.


IF Digital provides P.A.C.E Community Support Service with a new Smartsite

IF Digital are very happy to provide PACE with a new Smartsite,



Find out more about PACE and the great work they do…

Pace is an abbreviation of Promote Ability Community Enterprise.

Pace is a registered community interest company established to deliver effective affordable services for disabled people living in Derby. The company went live in Sept 2011 and has been growing ever since.

Derby citizens with a wide spectrum of disabilities use the centre for a range of reasons. For many the opportunity to interact with their peers comes as release from the pressures of day to day life. For some an environment where they can develop their skills to become more employable is a key feature.

Regardless of the individual reasons for attending Pace all our clients are treated with the respect they deserve and given a platform in which they can promote their skills and independence.

In order to deliver effective activities to disabled people the company has expanded its services into other revenue streams to support its primary goal.

Visit our main site for more info about our services www.pacederby.co.uk